Start 9 Digitalization

Opportunities of digitally networked IT systems

Digitization is uncovering great potential and opportunities. Digitizing companies means optimizing work processes with digital solutions and using data management to make work more efficient. Manageable digital processes are machine connections or the coupling of ERP and/or other systems. We support companies in Bringing data together for maximum benefit.

Particularly in the area of small and medium-sized enterprises, there are many opportunities to tackle this with smaller projects - whether in the area of machine connection or the coupling of ERP and/or other systems.

Digital quality management can be not only part of, but also a pacemaker for the digitization of a company - an important part of the value chain. It will optimize the exchange within the company as well as with customers and business partners and make it more flexible.

Digitization is a strategic decision and requires a digitization roadmap with technical and organizational specifications.

Risk assessment and risk management matrix

Example for the assessment of systemic risks with feedback

  • Analysis across all connected systems and machines over any period of time
  • One-page views
  • KPI boards and score cards (Traffic light factor)
  • Basis for management reviews
  • Display in browser

Additional areas include:

  • Traceability of production processes
  • Presentation of production data for customers
  • Linking with other companies
  • Location-independent availability of the relevant data
Digitalisierung: Dashboard für Risk Assessment & Risk Management Matrix

Digitization means security

Performance & security for mission-critical requirements

Components for mission-critical security are a special focus. Meet the upcoming requirements of the ePrivacy Regulation today, which will expand the current regulations of the DSGVO.

PDAP supports the latest versions of Microsoft's flagship SQL Server database.

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for the Reporting Portal supports you in coupling all important systems in a central platform while simultaneously delimiting access rights in the PDAP Management View in a security-relevant manner. Always Encrypted with Secure Enclaves also offers the option, if required, of specially secured process rooms in the server itself, to which neither administrators nor debug processes have access.

PDAP database security from encryption Trojans.

Digitalisierung mit PDAP

The PDAP databases and files are permanently protected by the PDAP server processes and cannot be modified by other programs. Thus, they are also protected from access by malicious encryption programs, for example. The integrated authentication enables seamless integration of user accounts in the context of your corporate domain.

Key Features

  • ERP e.g. SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, SAGE etc.
  • Network-capable machines, devices, measuring systems
  • External services
  • Office Integration