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PDAP.exe File Information:
Release Date: 21. Jul. 2021

Certificate Information:
COMODO RSA Code Signing CA
valid from 25. Juni 2021 until 25. Juni 2024 
Serial number: 009e81b5144511048e885688bd9500ed52
Finger Print: 6d0fbed0d67f63df6a1264795d16393dab8c0821

This PDAP intermediate release contains the latest changes. The intermediate release requires an installed PDAP program of the latest version. It replaces the existing execution file Pdap.exe. If further steps are necessary for the installation of the intermediate release, then these are described in a Readme.txt file if necessary.

Installation files for the basic installation:

The list of features in the interim release can be found here:
PDAP7 Aktuellste Neuerungen

Interim release for the latest download now: 

Setup for the clients in the network: PDAP client setup