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Systematic problem elimination through 8D report

View and track internal and external deviations as well as improvement potentials together in processes with the help of merchandise management

Goods management combines incoming goods inspection, supplier evaluation and complaints management. With the 8D reports, you accompany the systematic elimination of problems. The supplier portal enables effective exchange with your external service providers.

Improvement management also allows you to integrate internal Measures that do not represent a compliance deviation in your evaluation.

Use the standardized connection with the ERP system for production and cost information, e.g. for a monthly automatic defect cost review of internal and external complaint costs.

Warenmanagement: Aufnahme eines dynamischen 8D-Reports zur Workflow-Steuerung

Dynamic 8D report for workflow control

What are the biggest "cost sharks" eating my revenue?

Warenmanagement: Fehlerkostenreview der internen und externen Reklamationskosten

Monthly error cost review of internal and external complaint costs

Key Features

  • Receipt of goods
  • Checklist control in browser
  • Complaint
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Factory calendar
  • Supplier portal
  • 8D report
  • Improvements


    • CAQ Dashboard Goods Management
    • Overview of the current processes for complaints, goods receipts and from supplier evaluation
    • Connection to PDAP Business Intelligence for interactive analyses and controlling
    • Recognize and consider seasonal and regional influences:
      After which deployment period do my customers complain the most, and in which month do defect rates have the greatest increase?
    • Recognize and assess key influencing factors:
      Are long-term or short-term customers more satisfied with my products?

      Live evaluation (for application)