Measures and qualification management incl. risk assessment

Measures management, in which all process participants are connected

An important building block in the Digitalization is the measure management. PDAP provides a common, browser-based platform through which measures can be quickly recorded and the current status of measure plans can be viewed at any time.

Task management can be evaluated across departments and locations. A reminder supports those responsible in tracking deadlines and thus ensures deadline reliability.

The right function always gets to the right decision-maker at the right time.

Maßnahmen: Graphische Darstellung der offenen Vorgänge nach Priorität

Open operations by priority

Maßnahmen: Übersicht der Maßnahmenkosten

Measures and cost analysis

If required, action management can be linked with other modules be linked under a holistic approach. For example, in the context of ISO-IATF-16949 requirements, this is an important point for tracking inspection orders that contain critical or significant features when there is a violation of intervention or specification limits.

How do you ensure that a specification or intervention limit violation is tracked for critical features?

Key Features

  • Task, service management
  • Training, qualification management
  • Risk assessment


  • Integrate measures for customers, suppliers and internal operations
  • Automatic reminder service for appointments
  • Own task lists for agents and persons responsible for confirmation
  • Performance evaluation for departments and locations
  • Analysis of planned and actual costs
  • Evaluation of the runtimes in the Gantt chart
  • Linking to training and qualification management
Maßnahmen: Qualifikationsmatrix

Qualification matrix